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Trained. Reliable. Innovative. Beneficial. Efficient

Safety. Security. Service.



Our personnel have numerous years of pubic safety, corrections, law enforcement & security experience. These years of experience is what makes our company very unique. We seek to employ Security Officers who have years of experience with various agencies & companies. 

Our diversity gives us a better insight into the every changing, ever evolving role we have to fill when called upon to provide security. 

When you hire our company, you will know instantly the level of experience our officers have. Much of their initial training is based on our own past experiences, current, up-to-date curriculum and our ability to lawfully conduct ourselves, it becomes evident that our personnel are not "rookies." We have learned over the years to adapt to each incident, environment or location with Safety, Security & Service. 

Professionalism is more than the uniform we put on, it reflects in every Security Officer we employ and shows in every aspect of our job.

Experience is something that no one can teach, it must be learned, earned & lived. 


We are an Armed Security company and rarely accept contracts that require our personnel to be unarmed. We believe that in order to be highly effective in our jobs, we must be able to utilize every tool available to Private Security Personnel. 

We do not circumvent the safety of our Officers by any means and are dedicated to insuring that our Officers are completely able to lawfully defend themselves & others at a moments notice. 

Our Officers go through an extensive background check, a driving history records check as well as character & reference investigations. Security Officers are required to pass a psychological evaluation, random, post accident, pre-employment drug screening & every Security Officer must successfully pass a thorough criminal, civil & work history background investigation.


We are trained to handle a wide variety of incidents and train continually to adapt & improve. While some companies show little concern with the "little things", to us, the "little things" are addressed before they develop into big things later. Prevention is key in hiring an effective Security Company. When prevention is successful, a cure is not necessary.

Our Company standards of Basic Security Training (BST) far exceed that of what the State of New Mexico requires. Our minimum standards of training involve a MINIMUM of 120 hours of combined Level 1, 2 & 3 training, beginning with command presence and less-lethal tactics and end with deadly force options & Active Shooter Response. 

If an candidate in training fails any phase of BST, they are eligible to retry once more. If a candidate fails to meet the standards a second time, the officer will have to re-apply after 6 months. Safety is that important to us. We expect and want to insure to our clients & the general public that our Officers are safe while keeping you & your property safe.